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Dr. Coleman did 13 extractions and designed my dentures in one day. I went back as scheduled for refits and denture change as my gums changed (which was explained to me before ever starting). My dentures are 9 years old now and are still awesome. They fit great. My bottom denture is not loose or Rocky like others I have seen. I don't use any adhesive either. Thank you Dr. Coleman. You are the greatest!! I will be bringing my husband in soon . His dentures we're done by anithan practice and have been miserable for him. So glad I found you again. Look forward to another experience for my husband that is as great as mine has been. Thanks again

~ Denise F.

Great job! He's THE BEST at what he does! Thank Jesus for him and a great team.

~ Kimberly L.

Dr. Coleman is a great Dentist. Funny and nice. The whole staff is great.

~ Monica P.

I had a good experience with Dr. Coleman last week and he did an awesome job on my teeth. I still have to get my bottom teeth done but I feel 50% better now.

~ Peter S.

To simply say you changed my life would be a drastic understatement. Before coming to your office I suffered tooth pain everyday for over a year that would also cause excruciating headache. They were so bad that I wasn’t able to participate in my children’s activities, (just the thought of being in a group class of loud & excited preschool, 1st and 4rth graders sent a sharp pain through my head, ears, and mouth).

Then there was the food & drink pain. I love cooking, food & family but due to my constant toothaches I was extremely limited to what I could eat and drink and eventually I lost my desire to cook because I wasn’t able to eat what I had spent all day | evening preparing. I cannot begin to explain how excited. It was the day after my extraction’s I poured and drank a whole glass of cold milk without any pain or discomfort or tell you how so much I look forward to the ice cream man coming this summer & the kids ask if I want to try their ice cream, I don’t have to say “No thank you, Mommy’s teeth hurts”

With warmest thanks grateful hearts, and deep appreciation for your thoughtfulness.

I cannot put into words how grateful I am to you & your amazing staff and the worth you do.

You have not only blessed me with a beautiful pain free smile but also given me & my children a better quality of life and for that we will be FOREVER thankful.

~ Stepanie

I cannot say enough about Dr Coleman and his entire staff. I was dreading the procedure, they made me feel at ease. I have had zero problems since I received my dentures 6 months ago. They are expert and true pros. And very, very affordable!!

~ Bruce S.

No kidding. I was stunned by the price difference with a regular Dentist and Dr. Coleman but even more shocked by the quality difference between my last pair that I got from a chain of "affordable" dentures and the one's made here. I can eat almost anything. I did have one adjustment after I got them and that is it. One day, perfect dentures. I had no idea this place did such great work and so inexpensively. As someone said above, you can watch them working in the lab through a window.

~ Anonymous

Today is 2/24/12. I went to this dentist on 2/23/12. I about gave up trying to find an affordable dentist. I live in Richmond VA and even VCU was too expensive. Just when I had given up all hope, my grandmother told me about this dentist. We gave them a call, and lo' and behold, we found J Michael Coleman to be the most affordable dentist to date. The prices were so good that I was able to afford their package plan (extractions + economy temporary dentures, 2 relines, and after 6 months I get the best dentures they have). They were very friendly. The female who was suctioning did a very good job (she not only got all my saliva but she wiped my tears due to the novacaine shots). The best part about it was: It only took 15-20 mins to to extract my WHOLE mouth. He is VERY experienced and recommend him to ANYONE.

~ se7en717

Highly recommend! Staff is friendly. Dr. Coleman is wonderful and his work is exceptional! My dentures are really worth smiling about! Thank you!

~ Anonymous

Absolutely fantastic and the price in unbelievable compared to family dentist. They have their own lab and I watched my dentures being made. They were set so perfectly and there are no hidden fees, the prices are just what they are. The doctor is very efficient and does everything he can to get you in and out without sacrificing anything. I recommend him and will go back but his service is so good it might take years before my dentures need anything!

~ Missy

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