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Dr. Coleman is a general dentist who has dedicated his practice to the area of removable prosthodontics, we provide extraction when necessary for placement of complete or partial dentures in Yorktown, VA. We offer Implant retained dentures and Implant Supported Bridges to keep your prosthesis secure and in place. We work with general dentists and oral surgeons locally and in the surrounding areas to provide full dental care. Our personalized dentures are made with high quality materials. It is not unusual for these dentures to last 20 years or longer. Since we have our own in-house denture lab, we are able to be creative and flexible in designing dentures that are personalized to your individual desired look.

At A Plus Dentures we provide affordable dentures in Yorktown, VA along with Williamsburg, Hampton, Newport News, and Gloucester.

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Established in 1983, Dentures by the pottery has moved to become A Plus Dentures on Route 17 in Yorktown, VA. aplusdentures.com is the brain child of a surgeon who has gotten into robotic surgery. In the process of moving into this relativity new area of surgical techniques the surgeon explored various ways to advertise this service. One day,  during a conversation with her dad, this surgeon, who happens to be Dr. Coleman’s daughter, suggested he acquire the domain name aplusdentures.com to better advertise his denture practice online. So now if someone is searching “dentures” online, they might come across “aplusdentures.com” which would take them to the aplusdentures website where they can obtain information regarding the longest existing denture practice in the state of Virginia.

An Affordable Denture Practice

We understand that professional denture procedures may come with elevated cost. That is why we are committed to providing dentures at affordable prices

We also provide non-removable implant supported bridges

Insurance and Dentures

We accommodate most dental health care plans.

Upon Request Material Data Safety Sheets On All materials Used In Order To Assure Complete Patient Safety

Proudly serving: Yorktown, VA, Williamsburg, VA, Hampton, VA, Newport News, VA, Gloucester, Va, Hampton Roads, Va, Poquoson, Va

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